EyeSpecial C-II Digital Dental Camera By Shofu Named 2014 Best New Product For Women By AAWD

At last month’s AAWD Annual Meeting, “Leading the Future of Dentistry” members and annual meeting attendees cast their votes for the 2014 Best New Product for Women.

Contest entrants were AAWD sponsors and exhibitors participating in the meeting.   Meeting attendees judged new products that were geared toward women dentists and/or their women patients. This product was judged as being the most beneficial to the practicing woman dentist and to improve her practice.  Its ease of use and light weight, combined with the quality and enhanced features of other heavier intraoral digital cameras, was cited for its selection.

Designed exclusively for dentistry, the lightweight, durable EyeSpecial C-II digital camera is engineered to produce superb image quality. It offers exceptional depth of field range along with “smart” features like fast auto focusing and anti-shake capabilities. Further enhancing users’ ability to create high-quality images in all conditions, the EyeSpecial C-II includes infrared, UV, anti-reflection filters and 8 pre-set shooting modes.

Historically, dental photographic equipment has been expensive and complicated to use. However, in the past 10 years or so, dental photography has undergone a transformation with the advent of a wide range of easier to use and more affordable digital cameras that are both popular and less expensive. Digital photography in dentistry has revolutionized teaching and lecturing in the field as well as educating patients in the office. With this technology and a more hands-on approach, dentists can efficiently and effectively treat patients with a clear plan in place.

These are just a few the of reasons why the EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera by Shofu was named 2014 Best New Product by the American Association of Women Dentists.

Learn more by contacting customer-service@shofu.com , visiting www.shofu.com or calling Shofu Dental at (800) 827-4638


Quick Overview

  • Smart –  Fast autofocusing capabilities – Anti-shake mode built in – User friendly
  • 8 shooting modes – Easier, faster and more reproducible images
  • Water and chemical proof – Essential for infection control in the office
  • Large LCD touchscreen Built in grid lines for easy line-up and cropping
  • Exceptional depth of field range
  • High performance 49mm close-up lens

Learn more by contacting customer-service@shofu.com,
visiting www.shofu.com
or calling Shofu Dental at (800) 827-4638


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