AAWD and PPP are teaming up to commemorate Women’s History Month!  While some risks are worth taking, others are not.  During the month, we will highlight women known for taking distinct risks to lead the way in the field of dentistry, while also pointing out some risks that dentists shouldn’t take in their dental office.

A Risk Worth Taking!

In 1890, Ida Gray Nelson Rollins graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, making her the first African American woman to earn a dental degree. Nelson opened her own practice in Chicago, where she was a mentor and role-model for her patients.

While some risks are worth taking, others are not…

Every year, dental practice owners should review their building, contents, and dental electronic equipment for any changes.  If not checked regularly, dentists may find themselves with inadequate coverage limits to address major losses or damages.  Once a property limit is exhausted, dentists have to rely on their personal profits and funds to replace or repair property.  An annual review reduces the risk of making oversights on recent equipment sales, improvements to your office, and miscellaneous property changes.  It also helps keep your policy limits fresh and in line with today’s replacement costs.

The PPP offers a complimentary property check-up service for insureds to assist in evaluating the potential risk or loss to your property.  The check-up reduces the likelihood of claims that could impact the dental office operations and determines any over or underinsuring of your property.  Dentists can have some peace of mind knowing well in advance if there are any issues or repairs, which would also prevent anything from escalating into a much larger problem.

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