AAWD and PPP are teaming up to commemorate Women’s History Month!  While some risks are worth taking, others are not.  During the month, we will highlight women known for taking distinct risks to lead the way in the field of dentistry, while also pointing out some risks that dentists shouldn’t take in their dental office.

A Risk Worth Taking!

Dr. Evangeline Jordon (1865-1952) was a pioneer in Pedodontics, the care and treatment of children’s teeth. She introduced techniques to help reduce children’s fear of the dentist. Jordan also promoted the positive effect a good diet has on children’s teeth. Jordan was also the first president of the Federation of Women Dentists in 1921, which became the American Association of Women Dentists in 1928.

While some risks are worth taking, others are not…

Medical rights of patients and minors can be confusing and should be dealt with carefully.  Obtaining the appropriate consent for a minor is just as critical for a first time patient as it is for a family who has been patients of the practice for generations.  If you feel additional services are needed outside of what was scheduled, you should always obtain consent from a guardian before proceeding.  If a guardian can’t be reached, it’s best to delay treatment until contact can be made unless traumatic injury or emergency conditions are present.  A best practice in the dental office would be to have on file any other adult who is permitted to give consent for the treatment of a minor when a parent can’t be reached, such as a grandparent or adult sibling.

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