AAWD and PPP are teaming up to commemorate Women’s History Month!  While some risks are worth taking, others are not.  During the month, we will highlight women known for taking distinct risks to lead the way in the field of dentistry, while also pointing out some risks that dentists shouldn’t take in their dental office! 

A Risk Worth Taking!

Amalia Assur was the first female dentist in Sweden. Assur was born in Stockholm, to one of the very first educated dentists there, Joel Assur. Her brother also became a dentist. Assur was educated in dentistry by her father, serving as his assistant from an early age.

She was eventually reported to the authorities for practicing without a license, but Assur was given special dispensation from the Royal Board of Health in 1852 to practice independently as a dentist.

While some risks are worth taking, others are not…

Forgetting to check-up on patient medical changes can snowball into big consequences!

A lot of changes can happen to a patient’s health in 6-12 months and sometimes it’s hard for them to connect the relationship between dental treatment and medical treatment.  Asking patients at every appointment if there are any health or medication changes is imperative.  It’s a helpful trigger for patients to recall any recent health issues or new medications that might impact their dental treatment.  Additionally, you can avoid potentially dangerous errors from occurring such as allergic reactions and medication conflicts.  While a patient should be responsible for communicating any changes, the ultimate duty to verify lies on the dental practice.

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