Captain Renee Joskow, DDS, MPH


Pensacola, Florida:

The American Association of Women Dentists announces its Federal Services Award to Captain Renee Joskow, DDS, MPH during its Veterans Day announcements.

Captain Renee Joskow was recognized for her outstanding achievement and leadership in the Federal Services arena as a dental officer. Currently, women account for fifteen percent of active-duty personnel in the U.S. military.

This award is in recognition of exceptional achievements in dentistry, improving the oral health of the nation. The award consists of a plaque inscribed in gold and blue with AAWD insignia.

Serving in the military for many years, Dr. Joskow continues to positively reflect the image of women dentists and women’s commitment to the profession. Dr. Joskow continues to provide clinical dental services for the U.S. Coast Guard and had provided clinical services on humanitarian missions. Recently Dr. Joskow was on the frontlines assisting victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Dr. Joskow has received more than 30 awards over the past 11 years, including the Surgeon General’s Exemplary Service Medal, Outstanding Service Medals, and the Assistant Secretary for Health’s Assistant Secretary for Health’s Award for Outstanding Team Performance.

 Dr. Renee Joskow is committed to improving oral health for the nation, as she continues to works tirelessly for the military serving our communities.


For more information about the American Association of Women Dentists or about the Federal Services Award, contact the AAWD national office at 800-920-2293 or send an email to