Changing The Face Of Dentistry

Student Member

For students currently enrolled in dental school
$55.00 annual

Student 4 Year Member

This is a four-year membership plan only available to first-year students.
$180.00 annual

1st Year Post Graduate

1st yr after graduation
$55.00 annual

2nd Year Post Graduate

$110.00 annual

3rd Year Post Graduate

$165.00 annual

Full Time Faculty or Federal Services Member

$101.00 annual


$219.00 annual

Active Member

$219.00 annual


Any active member of this Association who has reached seventy years of age and has retired from practicing in the dental profession
$219.00 annual


Because women dentists need to support each other! Although the gender composition of U.S. dentists has changed dramatically in the last twenty years, there’s not much else that has. Dental equipment is still designed for male bodies, journal ads are still aimed to a male audience and local dental meetings are still very much male territory. The American Association of Women Dentists, established in 1921, is the only dues-based national organization representing the interests of women dentists across the country. AAWD benefits its members from dental school through retirement. Here’s a sampling of what membership in AAWD has to offer:

  • Subscription to AAWD’s Chronicle. Our online newsletter, published quarterly, will keep you up to date on all the happenings within AAWD.
  • On-line Membership Directory
  • Annual Meeting and Conference
  • Opportunity to “give back” through our 501-c-3 charitable organization, Smiles for Success.
  • Help with Local Chapter start-up; Awards/Scholarships/Loan Programs Affinity Programs for your banking, insurance, equipment and credit services needs.

The face of dentistry is changing — and we want you to be part of it. 

Membership Benefits

CONNECT WITH THE WOMAN DENTIST’S NETWORK THAT’S BEEN GOING STRONG SINCE 1921! Here are some of the benefits that membership in AAWD has to offer:

  • AAWD’s Chronicle newsletter . Read about how other women dentists are combining career and family along with member activities in the AAWD’s online quarterly Chronicle newsletter.
  • AAWD Web site – A comprehensive website with today’s information and your access to current news.


  • AAWD Awards Program. The Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award (the highest award bestowed on a woman dentist who has contributed to the advancement of dentistry) is presented during our Annual Meeting.
  • Student Scholarships, Loans & Awards. Colgate Research Awards, and the Eleanor J. Bushee Senior Dental Student Award are among the opportunities available for our student members.


  • Chapters in Your Local Area – Join or help start a local chapter and join the ever expanding network of women dentists who are practicing state of the art dentistry while balancing their lives. Learn about activities in your area and how you can get on board to connect to women who run with the best!
  • Annual Conference . Exceptional workshops include practice management, personal and professional health, scientific and technical sessions to easily obtain continuing education units. AAWD focuses on women’s health issues. Network with your colleagues in the various fields of dentistry. A distinctive conference, highly valued by our attendees as one of the finest conferences in dentistry today.

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