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The History

of Smiles For Success

The Smiles For Success (SFS) Foundation was established in 1995 by members of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD). The SFS Foundation was formed to assist women in transition from welfare to work who cannot afford the cost of dental care. Facing a job interview for them may mean self-consciousness, embarrassment and pain as they attempt to hide decayed, missing and damaged teeth. In early 1996 the pilot program was launched in New York City and programs in Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia were developed in 1998.

The Mission

of Smiles For Success

Smiles for Success offers cost-free dental care to women graduates of accredited job readiness and placement programs or other community-based agencies thus helping those who are helping themselves. Smiles for Success is affiliated with numerous job readiness programs in over 30 states. The dental care offered is meant to be a short-term solution to those who need treatment unavailable to them through government programs or traditional insurance as they move from public assistance to the working world. Smiles for Success provides an opportunity for the dental community to effectively assist women who are on public assistance confidently obtain employment and financial independence.

The Success

of Smiles For Success
March 30, 2017

2017 Eleanor J. Bushee Senior Dental Student Award

Eleanor J. Bushee Senior Dental Student Award

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February 21, 2016

2014 Best Product

Designed exclusively for dentistry, the lightweight, durable EyeSpecial C-II digital camera is engineered to produce superb image quality.

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