2018 Dentainment Podcast



This podcast will educate dental offices on the most effective ways to market themselves online using a variety of Digital Platforms. We will explore tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Leveraging the power of Internet commercials, review sites and Blogs will also be covered. Coupled with a solid strategy and tenacious execution, Social Media is a game-changer for dental offices.

Participants will learn how to maintain an online conversation that is fresh, relevant and targeted for the right audience. They will understand what type of content works for different Social Media sites and how to leverage them. The key is to have a personality online, yet remain professional at all times. Representing the unique personality of your office is key to standing out online.

You’ll fully understand the power of online video and what type of content works best! YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world; video is considered the heaviest form of multi-media content, and Google owns YouTube. These are all reasons to start producing video content for your dental office marketing campaign!

The days of hiring expensive production crews for filming have changed. Today all dental offices should have the highest quality mobile phone on the market. In turn, they will be empowered to film beautiful video content with patients during their office visits. By capturing video content with real patients, your videos will be believable, authentic and impactful. Everyone has the potential to be her own production studio and generate high-quality video content! This video content can be embedded on your website for branding and SEO purposes and shared on social media platforms for reach and engagement, along with being optimized and uploaded to a variety of video sites.

We’ll explore the importance of lighting, sound, framing, and editing. You’ll learn which questions to ask patients and other content strategies that are most effective for video content. Your patients should be the ambassadors for your practice, as this is the most powerful way to get scalable word-of-mouth marketing.

Learn what it takes to really become the most popular, unique and creative dental office in town!