AAWD is happy to announce a partnership with Bank of America in order to offer exciting new member benefits! Bank of America offers premium debt consolidation, flexible payment options, low interest rates, and more.
Practice acquisition promotion and debt consolidation:
  • Acquisitions include partnership buy-ins and second location purchases
  • Pay off high interest rate business loans, and consolidate into one loan
  • Available for minimum loans of $250,000 with flexible repayment options
  • Each promotion is available separately or combined for maximum benefit
  • You’ll also get a competitive rate through maturity, and you’ll know the rate up front
  • Applications must be received by March 31, 2021 and close by June 30, 2021
To apply, contact your Practice Solutions Specialist by visiting or calling 800.428.2847.
Bank of America gives power back to borrowers and allows people to take ownership of their financial future. It is easy for AAWD members to partner with the provided Bank of America benefits, it only takes two minutes. Click below to download the flyer to read about more benefits from your AAWD membership.